2020 | 11th IGC

Prospects for Carbon Markets in 2030


2019 | 10th IGC

Paris Agreement Implementation Plans and LEDS Preparation


2018 | 9th IGC

Preparation for the NDC Implementation of Paris Agreement

* Conference name changed from IMC to IGC


2017 | 8th IMC

Understanding Carbon Pricing under the New Climate Regime


2016 | 7th IMC

Carbon Price Modeling & Policy Analysis for Efficient GHG Reduction


2015 | 6th IMC

Enhancing Global Efforts for the Post-2020 era: Towards 2°C Target


2014 | 5th IMC

Facilitating Cooperative Implementation of Intended Nationally Determined Contributions


2013 | 4th IMC

Enhancing Market Mechanisms for Global Climate Change Mitigation


2012 | 3rd IMC

Utilization of Indigenous Energy Resources for Green Growth


2011 | 2nd IMC

Transition to Sustainable Energy & Low Carbon System in Developing Countries


2010 | 1st IMC

Post-Kyoto Climate Change Mitigation Modeling